8 March 1996

Easy-to-fit gate operator adds security

A CRANKED-ARM gate operator enables existing swing gates to be fitted with auto opening and closing without altering supporting pillars/posts.

Herts-based BPT Automation says its Aproli 280 gate operator is particularly suited to sites where either the gate is hanging from the centre of the pillar or the pillars/gates are of high value – there is no need to tinker with brickwork when installing.

The operator works electro-hydraulically and is available with or without hydraulic locking. Maximum gate width is 2m (6ft 7in) with hydraulic locking, 5m (16ft 5in) without. For units without hydraulic locking a choice of electric locks can be supplied.

An electronic programmer controls the opening and closing operations, which may be activated by a variety of methods – push-buttons, keypads or keys-witches, card readers or portable remote radio transmitters.

Price of the Aproli 280 is £398 (01442-235355).