26 May 1995

Eelworm:Fatal injection ininjectionm

Ramsay Soil Injections tractor-mounted Pallida injects liquid nematicide to control cyst nematodes. Price of the 2.5m injector is £7550.

EELWORMS are bad news for potato growers, particularly where the troublesome Globoderra pallida gets a toe-hold.

Conventional chemical control is less effective against this strain of p[otato cyst nematode. One solution is to apply the DowElanco product Telone 11 – a liquid nematicide which has a fumigant action. and is applied by soil injection.

Machine developed

A machine designed to apply Telone 11 has now been developed by Lincoln-based Ramsay Soil Injection. Called, rather aptly, the Pallida, it is a tractor-mounted machine equipped with thin blades which penetrate the soil to a depth of 30cm (12in).

The chemical is delivered from the ends of the blades, metered from two tanks.

A key part of the machine is its full width depth-control skid plate which supports the full weight, and also "smears" the soils surface to help seal in the chemical and avoid loss of vapour. Used in the autumn when soil temperature is at least 5C (41F) and moisture is at 40-50% of field capacity, ground needs to be worked into a fine tilth before the machine is used.

Price of the 2.5m (8ft 2in) wide injector is £7550 when equipped with 10 blades.