13 June 1997

Elastic foot block gives added grip

LAME cows can be fitted with an improved block that gives them more grip, according to UK supplier Cox Surgical.

It says the slip-resistant sole of the Demotec Easy-Bloc allows mobility, and is thick enough to reduce the pressure on the affected claw, relieving pain and reducing the milk yield loss suffered by lame cows.

The Easy-Bloc features a smooth flexible upper cover that is elastic and is said to accommodate a wide range of claw sizes. This also makes the Easy-Bloc easier to remove, says Cox Surgical.

It says the fixing resin hardens quickly allowing the animal to stand on the hoof in 4-5 minutes.

The complete kit with four Blocs costs £30.03 and a 12 Bloc kit is £66.89 (0181-668 2100).