20 December 1996

Electricity wayleave payments agreed

NEW wayleave payments for landowners have been agreed for the next four years, following negotiations between the electricity companies and farmer organisations. Wayleave payments are made up of two elements, for owners and occupiers. The new rates for owners are shown in the table. Occupiers had their rates increased last April, though these will be reviewed again next spring.

Landowners electricity wayleave payments £

StructureCurrentApr 97Apr 98Apr 99Apr 2000


&#42 pole3.954.505.005.506.00



2.6m sq10.9111.3512.5013.7515.10

9.1m sq28.5729.7032.7035.9539.55

18.3m sq58.9175.9083.5091.80101.00

PB structures13.8717.1018.8020.6522.70

* Taken from a selection of 13 different tower sizes.