17 November 1995

Environment in question

HOW should farming respond to growing environmental pressures?

To discuss the options farmers weekly has joined forces with the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and Rhone-Poulenc to stage a major conference "Which side of the fence are you?"

International speakers will consider the issues at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, on Thurs, Nov 30, from 9am-4.45pm. Tickets, including lunch, cost £75 and £55 for FWAG members. Details from FWAG, NAC, Kenilworth, Warwicks CV8 2BR (01203-696699). &#42

FWAG is uniquely placed as a farmer-led organisation. It advises on farm practices and techniques which make commercial sense and yet contribute to environmental improvement through a network of qualified local advisers. Every year it works in partnership with over 5500 farmers to help them reach their goals.