7 July 1995

Enzyme answer to a pig ration taboo

NEW crop cereals have traditionally been taboo in pig rations because of the digestive upsets that they can cause.

But not any more. So long as an appropriate enzyme is fed with newly harvested barley and wheat, feed costs can be reduced with off-the-combine grain.

That is the claim of enzyme manufacturers Finnfeeds Internat-ional, which says that last summer several pig producers saved £5/t by feeding newly harvested barley at an inclusion rate of 50% in

the ration, with the addition of

one of their enzyme products.

"This year, according to current cereal price predictions, a typical 100-sow herd could save at least £370 over six weeks post-harvest by replacing wheat with new crop barley and an enzyme," says Finnfeeds Dr Gary Partridge.

"Under normal practice new crop grain has to be phased into rations gradually over several weeks. But our research shows that including an appropriate in-feed enzyme like Porzyme will help overcome the adverse effects of using new crop barley," he says.