23 February 1996


THE range of "horsey" books seems to get wider all the time but one thing they share seems to be good illustration. This is certainly the case with the latest batch of review books to land on the Farmlife desk.

A fascinating book by Linda Tellington-Jones Getting In Touch With Horses, Kenilworth Press (£14.95) offers an insight into the personality, potential and performance of a horse through the study of its physical features.

According to Ms Tellington-Jones the clues to the animals personality lie in its face. For instance, a hint of a dish face, combined with a long moose nose, large jowl and a delicate muzzle indicates high intelligence. Fluted nostrils and a moustache on the upper lip, signifies unusual steadiness.

A chapter on training your eye to 21 personality evaluations could be helpful to anyone seeking to buy a new horse.

To understand and influence one you already have she recommends her Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method which draws on her 30 years experience of examining and evaluating horses from all over the world.

Improving the horse and rider is the aim of Michael J Stevens, Practical Schooling, Kenilworth Press (£12.95) who wants to encourage all horse owners to spend more time schooling their horses. He offers sound advice on many schooling movements and addresses many of the common training problems faced by horse and rider.

Sharon Lloyd has clipped more than 2000 horses and offers knowledgeable advice on why, when and what clip to use on horses and ponies. Each type of clip is fully described and special attention is given to the after care the clipped horse will require.

Her book Clipping Horses and Ponies, Kenilworth Press (£12.95) also covers the varieties of rugs, feeding regimes and grooming methods that can be used on clipped horses and ideas for sympathetic handling techniques and safe restraints to make the job easier.

When you have a growing interest in driving, what comes first the carriage or the horse? Matching them up is essential for comfort and safety and the driver too, needs a comfortable seat with the correct leg room.

Sallie Walrond provides the answers to driving questions in Threshold Picture Guide 34*, a follow up to 28: Starting to Drive. A simply written and useful little book, it contains advice and solutions to many common problems. *Threshold Picture Guides 34: Driving Questions Answered, is published by Kenilworth Press, (£3.95). TG