15 November 1996

Euro union undermined

BUREAUCRACY is undermining the effectiveness of the EU farm union and co-operative body COPA-COGECA, according to its secretary general Peter Pooley.

An internal report on the organisation, prepared by Mr Pooley, adds that if changes are not made within the next two years then COPA-COGECA will decline into ineffectiveness, or might even disappear completely.

Mr Pooley says the bureaucracy of running meetings has grown to the stage that few resources are left for influencing opinion, according to a report in Agra-Europe.

Attempts to find a common goal on which to lobby the EU Commission and national governments are hindered by compromise and delay within the organisation. Even when a position is agreed there are still problems with national offices of farming unions competing with each other.

Mr Pooley is also reported to believe that money is wasted by duplication of work, and that the organisations staff are poorly organised and have suffered defective leadership. &#42