26 January 1996

EUshormone ban is backed

GERMAN support for the continuing EU ban on artificial hormones use was emphasised time and again at the Berlin Green Week.

Farm minister Jochim Bochert praised EU farm commissioner Franz Fischler for his unequivocal rejection of the use of hormones: "I fully agree with you: we do not need to add hormones to livestock feeds."

Earlier he said the main dispute with the US centred on labelling practices.

"We may be prepared to accept hormones in meat if they are labelled, which will allow consumers freedom of choice."

Freiherr Heereman, German Farmers Association President, said consumers in Germany and across Europe believed that meat and milk could be produced without hormone injections.

But the German stand against hormones led to a clash with US agriculture under-secretary Richard Rominger.

Presenting the keynote speech, Mr Rominger said theUS was looking for a more positive attitude.