6 December 1996

Evenness is built in…

IMPROVED weight distribution without compromising drilling quality is claimed for the Roger front hopper/rear drill combination from KRM.

The outfit comprises an 1100 litre (15cwt) hopper complete with hydraulic-drive fan for tractor front mounting, and a Roger pneumatic seed drill with mini hopper and individual row metering, for mounting on a power or tine harrow.

Sensors which detect the level of seed grain in the mini hopper activate the front hopper fan and outlet slide so that additional seed is transferred only when needed.

"Systems that draw seed from a front hopper only, suffer a short delay when setting off on each bout while seed gets from the hopper to the distribution system," says Keith Rennie of KRM. "With the Roger design, there is no delay because seed is metered and distributed from a constant supply on the drill, so drilling bouts should start and finish more evenly."

A complete Roger outfit, comprising front hopper and 3m (9ft 10in) mini-hopper seed drill, is priced at £15,750.

; a 4m (13ft) version is £15,954.

With a mini hopper and individual row metering on the drill, even seeding is claimed for KRMs split combination seeder.