18 August 1995

Extract best from soil

Careful cultivations lay the foundations for successful cropping. Get them right and the rest of the season will be far less of a struggle.

Most growers know how best to match cultivations to their soils. But fickle weather, changing husbandry systems and the drive to trim fixed costs all make change inevitable.

Fortunately, the straw burning ban is behind us. The challenge now is to find systems which can cope with the latest trends towards lower drilling rates, earlier sowing dates and faster work rates to cope with less labour, more acres and reduce fixed costs.

As for most farm activities a little pre-planning can make all the difference. Reassessing your intentions and considering the timings involved can be very revealing.

Alternative approaches offering better timeliness may not only cut costs but also improve seed-bed conditions.

For an insight into some of the latest approaches delve further into this supplement. And for a chance to see some of the equipment put through its paces on a demanding heavy land site there is a key date for your diary.

Cultivations 95 on Tue, Sept 12, provides the chance to really get to grips with modern cultivation and drilling techniques. Knotting Green, Beds is the venue. We hope to see you there.