19 January 1996

Extractor fans alleviate pneumonia

MILD and still weather this autumn resulted in major outbreaks of virus pneumonia at housing at Strathisia Farms, Blair-gowrie, Scotland.

Speaking at the conference, estate manager Alistair Morison said the problem was alleviated by installing three fans to extract stale air from the 90m (300ft) long sheds which house the 100 spring-calving sucklers and 30 pedigree Simmentals on the 526ha (1300-acre) estate.

"We bought a fan which blows air down a tube hung up on a steel auger running the length of the buildings. The tube is covered in little holes according to their distance from the fan," explained Mr Morison.

Movement of air within the shed improved immediately. Although the three fans cost £1500, efficiency would come from using fewer drugs, he said.

Until then the only effective product had been Micotil. But vet, drug and labour costs proved expensive, he said. &#42