26 May 1995

Falling S prompts a reformulation

DECLINING sulphur levels in wheat grain have prompted Omex Agriculture to reformulate its liquid urea foliar spray Protein Plus.

Growers aiming for a good milling sample should consider using the product to ensure adequate protein levels, suggests the firms agronomist Andy Eccles. The new formulation includes 5% sulphate, equivalent to 2% S. The addition, priced at the same rate as the urea, means a typical application costing "£9/acre" provides 40kg/ha (32 units/acre) of N and 11kg/ha (9 units/acre) of SO3. HGCA trials in 1988-1991 found no response to late sulphur, he acknowledges. "But they were using elemental sulphur. We are using sulphate." Various literature suggests that source is taken up by the leaves quite rapidly – half within six hours, he claims. &#42