18 August 1995

Feed group backs cut

FEED compounders have joined the UK pig industry in its call for EC action against rising feed prices.

Lyn Butterworth, raw materials manager with BOCM Pauls, said that the CAP cereals policy disadvantaged both livestock and arable producers.

The UK pig and poultry industries used more than 7m tonnes of cereals which is a third of the UKs output. So any fall in consumption because of high cereal prices could damage the arable sector, said Mr Butterworth.

"This prompted us to make representations to UKASTA and the Brussels-based European Feed Association (FEFAC)," he said.

Meanwhile the British Pig Association is urging its members to lobby MEPs and plans to meet EC officials in September.

BPA chief executive Grenville Welsh said: "Intervention should be used only as a last resort. We shall be pushing for the opening of intervention to be put back from Nov 1 to Jan 1."

Also the current monthly increase in intervention prices, designed to offset the cost of storage, should be linked to the market price, said Mr Welsh. Intervention stocks should be released on a regular basis, he added.

The NFU is also backing a big cut in set-aside. &#42