26 May 1995

Feed guides on milk protein

FEED guidelines to help dairy farmers secure milk protein contents in excess of 3.6% should be available this autumn. Milk, fat and protein trials carried out at ADAS Bridgets Research Centre, Martyr Worthy, Hants, aim to discover how to design rations that will enable cows to produce milk targeted to market demands.

One trial has shown that by increasing the by-pass starch (from maize grain) in the diet and the by-pass protein (soya, fishmeal) it will be possible to increase milk proteins by up to 0.46%.

Senior researcher Rosemary Mansbridge says the work has pin-pointed the optimum level of by-pass protein that should be included in the ration to maximise milk protein. Current trial work aims to push by-pass starch levels higher to further enhance milk protein contents.

Full results available later this summer.