20 September 1996

Feed starch, reduce fat

MILK producers should feed a starch-based concentrate if they want to cut milk fat and the risk of super-levy while feeding maize silage-based diets.

That is according to trials carried out by CEDAR for Dalgety and released at the firms Forage Maize event at Shepton Mallet last week. "Concentrates relying on starch sources of energy increased overall protein output and the protein to fat ratio by more than 10%," says Dalgetys Eddie Price.

"Butterfat concentration was 3.65%, compared with 4.2% for the cows fed on a diet high in digestible fibre – a drop of 0.55%. Based on typical milk constituent values, a 0.1% drop in milk fat concentration could be worth an extra £25 a cow as free quota litres." &#42