30 June 1995

Feeding roots and grain too

WITH home-mixed rations now a large part of the livestock scene, the introduction by Ritchie Farm Equipment of a combined root and grain feeder could be of interest.

Capable of being fitted to either a tractors linkage or to a material handlers boom, the feeder has a capacity of 1.1cu m (40cu ft) and is self loading – a telescopic top link tilts the hopper to allow feed to be scooped up from the floor.

Mechanics in the hopper comprise four side-mounted agitator wheels and a bottom auger – all hydraulically powered. A feature of the unit is that roots are forced through a grill as they exit.

Where there are roots there are usually stones and soil, both undesirable. Large stones being forced towards the grill will stall the auger, they are designed to. The operator then briefly reverses the auger and opens a panel to drop the stone out before resuming.

Smaller stones and soil are allowed to fall from the hopper through a gap running the length of the hopper. When grains are being included a door is swung into place to create a sealed hopper.

Price of the root and grain feeder, which requires an oil supply of 36 litres/min (8 gal) at 2000psi, is £2525.