31 May 2002

Fella eats up acres for contractor

CATERING for contractors needing to boost work rates, Reco has unveiled two new Fella triple mowers – the 9m SM900 and 11m SM1100.

Demanding a slice below 200hp to operate, the acreage-eating SM1100 employs a 3m front-mounted unit and a pair of 4m trailed mowers at the rear.

Its smaller sister, the SM900, is equipped with a front-mounted 3m mowers and two 3m trailed mowers.

Both outfits can be specified with a Roller or a Tined conditioner.

For transport, the Fella mowers fold to 3m, a procedure made possible by the rear units folding in-line behind the tractor on castor wheels.

For gathering the large swaths produced by the mowers, Reco now distributes the Fella TS4000 Hydro Turbo Swather rake.

Offering a 12.5m working width, the rake employs four rotors each equipped with 12 tine arms. Price of the rake, says Reco, will be competitive, with the SM900 and SM1100 mowers costing £22,000 and £30,000 respectively. &#42