26 May 1995

FFA campaigns to limit CAP payment

FAMILY farmers are to continue their campaign for a limit on CAP support payments.

The Small Farmers Association, which has changed its name to the Family Farmers Association, wants a £50,000 ceiling on the total support received by any single farmer.

It will also lobby for scaled rates of subsidy favouring smaller farmers, a simpler, more general environmental payments scheme and more help for new entrants and young farmers.

FFA members fear the large sums of cash collected by big farmers alienates the general public and makes them less willing to pay to support farmers as a whole.

"Although it is logical that a greater investment in equipment and labour should receive a greater award, it is not logical that taxpayers should provide 10 times more public money to a farmer whose farm is 10 times as large as his neighbour," says an SFA policy paper.

The relaunched FFA will include a think-tank dedicated to promoting policies favourable to the "smaller, muddy boots family farmer".