10 May 2002

Field boundaries in nozzels range

LURMARK has developed a nozzle range that can be used in place of mini booms fitted on the back of ATVs.

The MaXThro nozzles are designed to spray inaccessible places where rigid booms cannot be used. Spraying widths for the seven nozzle sizes vary from 5.18m to 9.45m, while flow and pressure rates are 8 litres/min at 3bar and 150 litres/min at 4bar.

Depending on nozzle size, Lurmark says the MaxThro provides an even spray pattern of at least 125deg with consistently large droplets.

Typical applications for the nozzles include spraying field boundaries, orchards and vineyards.

Made from polyacetal with a stainless steel body, the nozzles have standard male pipe fittings, quick-fit couplers and a mounting bracket. The minimum recommended mounting height is 1.22m above ground level and, to improve spraying accuracy, the nozzles can be adjusted.

A MaxThro nozzle costs £125. &#42

Reaching parts others cannot… Lurmarks MaXThro nozzles come in seven sizes.