5 May 1995

Film report is effective

THE Farm Film Producers Group (FFPG) reports an encouraging response to its farm plastics recycling scheme (farmers weekly Forage Conservation Supplement, Apr 21).

"Weve received more than 700 calls from farmers and have recovered 500t of film," says FFPG business manager Dave Ripley.

The scheme was devised to encourage recycling of the increasing quantity of plastics used on farms. Collection agents will make one visit per farm (or group of farms) to pick up a minimum quantity that has been reduced from 1t to 250kg – equivalent to 200-300 bale wraps or bags.

Consignments can be registered on the schemes Freephone number 0800-833749.

&#8226 The article on the new recycling scheme (Forage Conservation Supplement) mistakenly described the bale wrap product Agristretch as a cast film when the description should have referred to an Italian-made film called Agriflex.

Agristretch, made by Austrian manufacturer Unterland and sold in the UK through Norwich-based Norvic Associates, is a three-layer blown film available in 500mm and 750mm sizes. Norvic is a member of the Farm Film Producers Group.

US-made AEP Sunfilm has been re-introduced in the UK by Irish firm Johnstons (Kilmihil) Ltd. The company has appointed a network of distributors, with Neil Overton, Ham Farm, Gillingham, Dorset, acting as UK agent.