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The final route has been unveiled for a Forage Aid fundraising tractor drive to this week’s Energy Now Expo event in Shropshire.

Marking a year since the Somerset floods forced farmers to evacuate their farms, the tractor run will leave Sedgemoor livestock market at 10am on Monday (9 February).

The 190-mile drive to Shropshire aims to raise more than £10,000 for the Forage Aid initiative, which delivers free animal feed to producers in times of need.

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JCB has donated a new Fastrac 300 tractor for the run and Bailey’s has provided a silage trailer, which will be draped with banners publicising the fund-raising drive.

Somerset farmer James Winslade, who was among the farmers hardest hit by last year’s floods, will start the drive.

Mr Winslade will travel along the A38 towards Bristol, heading to the first pit stop, at 10.45am at Y-Farm, Manor Farm Dairy, Downhead.

Farm manager Graham Glasper will then head up the A38 towards Gloucester, to the next stop at Wapley Hill, Westerleigh, south Gloucester, at approximately 1pm.

Forage Aid founder Andrew Ward will take over the driving after Westerleigh, heading north, on the A38 past Almondsbury, Berkeley and Haresfield.

“We want to be ready to help in any emergency,” he said.

“The pledged donations that we are picking up next week on this run will enable us to have funds that we can use to step in quickly and help farmers in need when necessary.”

After an overnight stop off, Essex farmer and Forage Aid co-ordinator Ed Ford will drive up the A40 on Tuesday (10 February), towards Huntley and Ross-on-Wye.

Mr Ford will stop in Hereford at 9.45am before heading to Leominster, Ludlow, Dorrington and on to Shrewsbury.

At 11.45am, the tractor will stop at Hazel Hollow, Stapleton, before arriving at Buttery Farm, Kinnersley, at approximately 12.45pm.

Finally, the tractor run will turn eastwards toward Telford on the A5, towards the Energy Now Expo, collecting donations on the way.

The tractor will arrive at Energy Now Expo at 11am on Wednesday (11 February).

“Young Farmers from Gloucester, Hereford, Somerset and Shropshire will also be driving some of the route,” said Essex YFC chairman Ed Ford.

“They’re keen to see funds raised for Forage Aid, and have been behind it from the start.”

Energy Now Expo organisers will donate 50p per visitor to the show to the charity, and the total will be announced at the event.