27 October 1995


I HAD one of the worst journeys ever the day I travelled to visit the Cambridge-Peterborough group for its October meeting.

It took over two hours to travel 35 miles but once I arrived in Maxey, I knew it was going to be well worth the hassle. Sue Garford and her husband, Norman made me very welcome in their cosy farmhouse. I only wish that Id had more time to study Sues beautiful flower paintings and Normans fascinating photography but time was of the essence as a room had to be set up for the evenings speaker Sue Lee, an extremely accomplished flower arranger/demonstrator.

Sue started her demonstration by filling a wicker basket with autumn foliage and flowers from her garden. She made her art look so easy and chatted to us all the time.

After making an arrangement for a buffet table and a triangular one using eucalyptus to mark out the shape and then infilling with beautiful pink nerines and eustome lizyanthus, Sue created her piece de resistance: An Italian design using a black pot, large green leaves, red carnations and red peppers.

All the arrangements were raffled while we all enjoyed a cup of coffee and once again I discovered that it does work having evening meetings and more than one club per county. I think that probably the time has come to think seriously about splitting some of the other larger clubs into smaller ones. Many people find travelling from one side of a county to another too arduous. The two in mind to start with are Devon and Sussex which each have room for further clubs.

Perhaps if you live in these areas and would like to have the friendship of like-minded people but dont manage to get to meetings or would prefer not to travel so far, you could get in touch with me. Of course well be looking for extra contact leaders and await the rush of volunteers!

Jean Howells