9 June 1995

First outing of the year

wins Suffolk dairy honours

By Michael Gaisford

Surrey show

dairy cattle

Interbreed J C & D Hunters Holstein Friesian cow; res, Ken Timbury Farms Jersey cow.

Ayrshire S D & S Penningtons cow; res, A C Woodley & Partners cow.

Holstein Friesian J C & D Hunters cow; res, Mr & Mrs J R Warnocks heifer.

Jersey Ken Timbury Farms cow; res, Mrs C G Easons heifer.

Dexter Mr & Mrs P W Hunts female; res, Diana L Smiths dry cow.

BEEF cattle

Interbreed M R & C E Parkers British Charolais cow Bassingbourn Debutante; res, Brookside Garden Centres Sussex cow Elizabeth 3 of Teryle.

Aberdeen Angus Mr & Mrs R A Dibbens heifer Shade Pond Rose; res, Mr & Mrs R A Dibbens cow Victoria of Muirmouth.

Hereford Ruckman Ltds bull Harvie Zoom; res, Pam Noels bull Sarabande Jason.

Sussex Brookside Garden Centres cow Elizabeth 3 of Teryle; res, Brookside Garden Centres bull Trottenden Premier 15.

British Charolais M R & C E Parkers cow Bassingbourn Debutante; res, Lendor Charolaiss heifer Lendor Holly.

Highland G K Browns Cow Cannach 34 of Cladich; res, D Owens heifer Rushmore May.


Interbreed Tina Carroll & Tim Healys Texel ram lamb; res, A J Cook & Son (Whichford)s Suffolk shearling ewe.

Suffolk A J Cook & Son (Whichford)s shearling ewe; res, A J Cook & Son (Whichford)s shearling ram.

Hampshire Down C J Westlakes shearling ewe; res, G L & M J Goodridge-Reynolds shearling ram.

Jacob Mr & Mrs F F Higginss shearling ewe; res, Mr & Mrs F F Higginss shearling ram.

Texel Tina Carroll & Tim Healys ram lamb; res, Highfields Farms ram lamb.

Any native breed, cross by native sire or hybrid other than Suffolk, Hampshire Down, Jacob A J Hopkinss Oxford Down shearling ewe; res, Messrs Cox & Smiths pair of Clun Forest ewe lambs.

Any Continental breed, cross by native sire or hybrid other than Texel Mr & Mrs D F Bonds Charollais shearling ram; res, Mr & Mrs M J Moyerss Bleu du Maine shearling ewe.


dairy cattle

Interbreed Padfield & Byngs Jersey cow Ffosygest Glorys Louise 2; res, D M Hodges Holstein Friesian cow Dundrennan Starbuck Megan.

Holstein Friesian & British Holstein D M Hodges cow Dundrennan Starbuck Megan; res, his cow Walkerbrae Black Kristin ET.

Guernsey Mr & Mrs N R Kennards cow Instead Beauty 12; res, their cow Instead Doris 11.

Jersey Padfield & Bings cow Ffosygest Glorys Louise 2; res, their cow Wellhead Bonds Random.


Interbreed Mrs Janice Broughtons Suffolk ram lamb; res, Mr & Mrs M J Moyerss British Bleu Du Maine ram.

Suffolk Mrs Janice Broughtons ram lamb; res, W R Garner & Sons ewe lamb.

Jacob R & J Cowards shearling ewe; res, Mrs P M Bakers shearling ewe.

Charollais J R & S &#42 OReillys ewe; res, Mrs M Tullochs ram.

Hampshire Down Mr & Mrs P G Kettles shearling ram; res, E R A Chantrys shearling ram.

Texel Miss F Stedmans shearling ewe; res, her ram lamb.

British Bleu Du Maine Mr & Mrs M J Moyerss ram; res, their ewe.

Longwool Breeds Mrs Susan Holdichs Wensleydale shearling ewe; res, her Wensleydale ram.

Other Native Breeds D R Randall & Sarah Mitchells Southdown ram; res, R Beechers Kerry Hill shearling ewe.

Other Continental Breeds &#42 R Gostling & Sonss Berrichon du Cher ram; res, T & J Prentices Rouge de lOuest ewe lamb.

Butchers Lambs M J R Mallowss Texels; res, Edward Pratts Texels.


Interbreed P &#42 Prestons Large White x Landrace baconer; res, his other Large White x Landrace baconer.


Interbreed Robert Hutchinsons British Charolais bull Stainsby Harvey; res, D R B Cargill & Partners Hereford bull Chapelton 1 Juryman.

Red Poll S G Prescott & Sonss bull Woldsman Formidabull; res, P Ryder-Daviess dry cow Wickham Silver Lining.

Hereford D R B Cargill & Partnerss bull Chapelton 1 Juryman; res, A G Wright & Sons heifer Hillrow 1 Prunella L7.

British Charolais Robert Hutchinsons bull Stainsby Harvey; res, M R & C E Parkers cow Bassingbourne Debutante.

British Simmental J F Bances bull Brinkton Bonzo; res, Charles Clarkes bull Heywood Andrew.

Limousin T F & R Evanss bull Fenrose Ivanhoe; res, W J & M Mashs heifer Himalaya.

South Devon A & P Ricketts cow Juniper Oleander; res, Heath Farmss heifer Woodbastwick Pearl 4.

British Belgian Blue &#42 J Dickens & Sonss bull Horwood Lionel; res, D W Papworths heifer Sedworth Lulu.

Other Breeds G D Key & Sonss Romagnola bull Key Vampire; res, T Stebbingss Aberdeen Angus heifer Eulima 4 of Grimston Fen.

Commercial Beef T Earey & Sons Belgian blue cross heifer Annalie; res, S Sellerss Limousin cross heifer Scarlet Lady.

Rare & Minority Breeds Phillip Baths Longhorn bull Longrove Resolution; res, Mr & Mrs G &#42 Wilds Longhorn cow Lupat Garbo.

NEWCOMERS to the show circuit, Padfield & Byng, surprised everyone, including themselves, by taking top honours in the dairy classes at last weeks Suffolk Show with their Jersey cow Ffosygest Glorys Louise 2.

"We only started showing last summer, its our first outing this year, and our very first winner," said a delighted Scott Padfield from Codham Hall, Gt Warley, Brentford, Essex.

He said five years ago the business purchased a complete herd of 60 Jerseys to add to a small long established herd at Codham Hall, and that it has taken until now to prepare the new herd for the show ring.

Judge Ian Plumb, a South Wales Jersey farmer, who placed the Jersey over D M Hodges Holstein Friesian champion said it was a difficult decision, but was made because the Jersey had a more balanced udder than the black-and-white.

There was also drama in the sheep interbreed championship when the two judges could not agree on the winner and a third referee had to be called in to assist. Here the surprise winner was a January-born Suffolk ram lamb from the Norfolk-based Marwood flock of Mrs Janice Broughton, Bell Farm, Swanton Novers, Melton Constable.

Mrs Broughton said that it was her first big win at the Suffolk Show with her Norfolk Suffolks which are largely based on Scottish genetics.

But there were few surprises in the beef lines where the Charolais bull Stainsby Harvey notched-up yet another win, or in the goat tent where the British Toggenburg x British Saanen four-year-old Tetherdown Tamarind recorded a hat-trick of wins from four outings so far this year. Now coming towards the end of her second lactation after kidding in March last year, she produced an impressive 2680kg of milk in 365 days.

Above: Scott Padfield and herdsman Bob Clarke (left) with interbreed dairy champion Jersey – their first win since starting to show last year.

Below: Mrs Broughton, with her interbreed champion Suffolk ram lamb.