22 November 1996

Flail disc thrust…

NOVEL "flail" discs from French cultivations equipment manufacturer Quivogne are reckoned to be particularly effective in wet conditions and on heavy clay.

The discs are arranged in a helix pattern so that the cutting edges of only two discs are in full contact with the ground at any one time. This, says Tony Clowes of Quivogne UK, results in improved penetration in hard conditions and no risk of smearing in wet ground.

More thorough soil/stubble mixing is also claimed, along with a finer finish with fewer large clods thrown up by the discs.

The "APFL" offset disc cultivator is available in four sizes from 2.2m to 3.85m (7ft 3in to 12ft 9in), with 81cm (32in) "flail" discs at 71cm (28in) spacing.

Prices are from £11,630 to £16,360.

Cut-away "flail" discs, arranged helix-fashion, on this 2.75m (9ft) Quivogne cultivator are reckoned to penetrate hard ground better than conventional designs, with smaller clods and less smearing.