18 August 1995

FMG supply switch

DAIRY Crest has signed up 50 members of the Ford Milk Group to supply its Severnside creamery.

The group will send about 40m litres of milk a year to the Glos factory, which processes about 1.3m litres of milk a day, from Nov 1 this year.

Chairman of FMG, David Ford said the group had supplied Avonmore since last November. But he declined to give the reasons behind the move to Dairy Crest. "Since Dairy Crest were not offering contracts on Vesting Day, we were unable to discuss the opportunities at Severnside. But we now look forward to a long partnership with the company," he said.

Mr Ford refused to say how much Dairy Crest would pay for the groups milk. "All I can say is that we are delighted with the price, which is just one part of an excellent package the company has offered us."

He added that there was some satisfaction for FMG members to supply their own company. "Although we dont know the future of Dairy Crest – in terms of how it is to be released from the Residuary Milk Marketing Board – we have no concerns at all about the viability of the company," said Mr Ford.

A Dairy Crest official said the company had agreed a rolling contract with FMG, with both sides required to give 12 months notice.

She added that Dairy Crest had appointed a farm services manager, Steve Harris, for the Severnside area. His role would be to liaise with FMG producers and the producers from The Milk Group. &#42