belly upThese photos showing a Ford 7610 in a less than ideal situation have been sent in by Seamus Connell, from Newry, Northern Ireland.

On his way back from leaving two bullocks to the mart, he was diving down the small gradient approaching the junction and put the brakes on to slow the tractor down.

The tractor skidded and the front wheel caught the grass verge, the next thing he knew the tractor had spun in the road and turned over.

Belly up2!The cattle trailer – which was borrowed from a neighbour – un-hooked itself and escaped any damage.
A neighbour and his MF135 were called upon to tow the cattle trailer back out of the way and another used a JCB loading shovel to put the tractor back on its wheels.
Only damage suffered was a pane of glass and a buckled rim-centre on one of the rear wheels.

Belly up3!No harm done and Seamus still managed to get the cattle sold!

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