3 May 1996

Formulation looks good

BLIGHT control using mancozeb (as in Dithane) and chlorothalonil (as in Bravo) is now possible using a new formulated fungicide. And a new tin product offers benefits later in the season.

The first development offers potato farmers cost effective and reliable control, claims manufacturer PBI. The new flowable formulation will be marketed as Adagio.

Field trials between 1992 and 1995 included maximising the infection pressure with mist irrigation and artificial inoculation with spores of both phenylamide resistant and sensitive strains of blight.

Throughout the trials the combination product showed a significant synergy, giving the best performance, says the company.

For late developing blight PBI is launching what is calls the "cleanest, easiest, most flexible" way of getting a high tin content into a spraying programme.

Super-Tin 80WP (fentin hydroxide) is a high tin content, foliar blight protectant, sold in 1ha (2.5-acre) water-soluble packs for easy application.

Rate of use is 0.336kg (one water-soluble bag) a hectare in 100-1000 litres of water a hectare.