18 August 1995

Foul-in-the-foot on rise

CASES of foul-in-the-foot in dairy cows have increased due to the prolonged dry weather, claims Somerset-based vet Roger Eddy.

He says cows can be susceptible to infection when foot claws are dry and crack or when skin is bruised and punctured by stones on hard ground.

He advises summer foul-in-the-foot cases be treated individually with antibiotics, avoiding the hassle of foot-bathing. "With antibiotics cows usually walk normally within two days," he says

A case could cost £30-60 in medicine and unsaleable milk but antibiotic Excenel may be more economic if cows produce over 10 litres of milk a day, as it has no withholding period.

Cost of one dose of Excenel is about £11 against £2 for penicillin but the sale of two to four days milk made it economic to use where enough milk was saved.

claims Mr Eddy.