15 September 1995

Four-row harvester on show – but what now?

LAST WEEKS International Potato Manifestation at Emmeloord in the Netherlands saw the first public showing of Grimmes four-row harvester. However, few details were forthcoming and the machine was not seen in action.

The trailed unit has two separate main webs, with small steps to aid separation before feeding on to a secondary web and contra-rotating spiralled cleaner rollers. The rear wheels are hydraulically steered to allow offset working.

The dilemma now is how to integrate such a machine into the UKs typical two-row, separated bed system, comments the Potato Marketing Boards Oliver Statham.

That would mean tricky off-set working, as straddling a central bed would involve harvesting half a bed either side – not a practical option.

The other alternative is to look to a six-row machine capable of harvesting a full bed either side of the one straddled, he says. &#42

Grimmes four-row harvester poses UK potato growers with a dilemma: How to integrate it into a typical two-row, separated bed system.