29 September 1995

Four-row to fit front and back

GREENLAND UK is set to market a tractor-mounted four-row maize harvester – a machine which can be operated with a reverse drive tractor or one with front linkage.

The PZ MH 180S Quatro has its origins in a single-row harvester which was extended initially to accommodate two rows and then doubled up to create the four-row version.

So, modular by design, the Quatro has two flywheel choppers on board – each being fed by two rows before the chopped material is combined and blown out of a single chute.

Outer rows of maize are cut and then transported by gripper chains to the centre of the bed before being taken into the machine along with maize cut by the inner two sections. These outer sections can be folded inwards to reduce the transport width to legal limits.

Attachment to the tractor is via a standard three-point linkage – two pto input shafts provide for both left and right hand rotations – with tractor power recommended to be in the 90-150hp range.

Accurate lining up with rows is assisted by a hydraulically operated side shift operated from the tractor cab. Hydraulic controls for chute rotation and flap positioning left and right hand are also routed into the cab.

Nominal chop length is 4.5mm which can be increased to 6mm by increasing the speed of the intake rollers. Longer chop lengths of 10mm and 15mm can be achieved by removing five of the 10 blades attached to each of the flywheels.

Price of the Quatro, four-row maize harvester is listed at £19,850.

Four-row maize harvesting with the tractor-mounted PZ MH 180S. Power requirement is recommended to be in the 90-150hp range. Price is £19,850.