1 December 1995

Fresh start is hope for Universal range

TRACTOR maker Universal has a new UK importer, Universal Tractors, based in North Yorks.

Headed by general manger, Richard Chester, the firm hopes to make a fresh start at marketing the Romanian-built machines.

"Since 1992 industry in Romania has been in a turmoil due to the political unrest within the country," Mr Chester explained at FarmTech. "This has meant a shortage of essential parts produced by subsidiary companies and, as a result, limited availability of tractors for the UK market." The situation has now been res-olved sufficiently for the company to offer a regular supply of tractors – currently, 26-72hp in two- and four-wheel-drive. Models of 85-140hp are planned for next year.

"The tractors are aimed predominantly at the livestock sector, where no-frill machinery appeals," he said. The intention is to set up a dealer network, mainly in the west of the country.

&#8226 Total annual production of Uni-versal tractors is about 26,000. &#42

Looking for a fresh start… Universal tractors have a new importer.