9 June 1995

Fresh weed-killer for forage maize

WEEDS in forage maize, and particularly those that have become resistant to Atrazine, need to watch out for the new herbicide Bromotril – P. Recently licenced following pressure from maize specialists Huntseeds, this new herbicide claims to control fat hen, black nightshade, orache, redshank, bindweed and groundsel.

Bromotril – P can be used either alone or tank mixed with Atrazine. UK distributors Makhteshim Agan of this Israeli-made herbicide say that crop safety with the product is good, but growers are warned not to apply it in hot sunnny conditions to avoid crop scorch and when the maize crop is under stress from wet, cold, and frost. Cost is about £55 for five litres (01635-521627).