15 November 1996

Front links for all types

A RANGE of front linkages designed to be compatible with a wide range of current tractor makes and models is now available from Chillton Agricultural Equipment.

Designated the LB range, the company offers four different lift capacities – 2t, 2.5t, 3.5t and 5t.

In operation, the link arms can be set in three positions. The working position provides 80cm (32in) of lift through the use of either single or double acting lift rams. Walterscheid couplers are provided as standard.

In the stored position, the arms are lifted into a vertical position to reduce their forward projection – a position used when the linkage is not being used for short periods.

For more permanent storage, the locked position totally imobilises the arms and the operating rams. Chillton says they take up no more room than a set of front weights.

Prices start at £1695 for the 2t version and extend to £3100 for the 5t capacity model.

Front linkages with lift capacities from 2t to 5t are now available from Chillton Agric Equipment.