27 October 1995


Peter Jones concludes

his British National Ploughing Championships report with a full listing of the match results

European Reversible Championship

1st, J Hill, England 304pts; 2nd, P Waters, England 291pts; 3rd, J Reisinger, Austria 273pts; 4th, R McDairmant, Scotland 268pts; 5th, J Dopperman, Austria 255pts.

British National Championship


1st, M Holloway, Powys 537pts; 2nd, G Witty, Yorks 522pts; 3rd, W Yeandle, Devon 502pts; 4th, A Boundy, Devon 501pts; 5th, E Brailsford, Derbys 478pts.


1st, P Waters, Lincs 474pts; 2nd, R McDairmant, Dumfries 453pts; 3rd, S Witty, Yorks 439pts; 4th, J Hill, Yorks 436pts; 5th, I Wilson, Penyffordd 426pts.

Class results

Class 1. YFC Reversible

1st, R Mills, Leics 723pts; 2nd, S Roberts, Salop 612pts; 3rd, R Page, Powys 590pts.

Class 2a. Semi-digger

1st, A Boundy, Devon 571pts; 2nd, P Studley, Devon 552pts; 3rd=, J Chappell, Yorks 551pts; 3rd=, E Thomas, Dyfed 551pts.

Class 2b. Semi-digger

1st, G Davies, Hereford 522pts; 2nd, T Charlton, Yorks 520pts; 3rd, W Richards, Dyfed 506pts.

Class 2c. Semi-digger

1st, M Holloway, Powys 564pts; 2nd, R Glanville, Cornwall 563pts; 3rd, I Barrel, Hereford 549pts.

Class 2d. Semi-digger

1st, G Witty, Yorks 573pts; 2nd=, W Yeandle, Devon 550pts; 2nd=, N Fretwell, Yorks 550pts; 2nd=, C Nixon, Powys 550pts.

Class 3. National vintage (trailed)

1st, B Curtis, Derbys 538pts; 2nd, K Williams, Hereford 520pts; 3rd, J Milnes, Yorks 498pts.

Class 4. General purpose (horses)

1st, M Janes, Avon 171pts; 2nd, J House, Wilts 168pts; 3rd, D Persey, Devon 159pts.

Class 6. YFC Conventional

1st, J Milnes, Yorks 516pts; 2nd, M Williams, Herefords 467pts; 3rd, S Garbutt, Cleveland 455pts.

Class 7. Oat seed furrow (tractor)

1st=, D Walker, Avon 163pts; 1st=, R Hill, Avon 163pts; 3rd, E Walker, Avon 159pts.

Class 8. National vintage (mounted)

1st, L Hill, Devon 577pts; 2nd, K McVittie, Essex 545pts; 3rd, M Moore, Essex 496pts.

Class 9. Oat seed furrow (horses)

1st, M Janes, Avon 173pts; 2nd, J Higgins, Lancs 170pts; 3rd, D Persey, Devon 168pts.

Class 10. Crawlers

1st, D Harvey, Devon 154pts; 2nd, C Fenner, Essex 146pts; 3rd, G Allen, Herefords 129pts.