3 November 1995

Further water pollution controls to be expected

FARMERS still face stiff penalties and further confrontation with the National Rivers Authority for what it considers to be "dirty" farming. Further, costly pollution controls need to be undertaken, and the sooner, the better.

Addressing the annual Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors rural practice conference in London, NRA chief executive Kevin Bond warned that the farming industry should not sit back and relax.

He acknowledged the decline in the number of serious farm pollution incidents but directed surveyors towards keeping an eye on research projects into, for example, minimal impact dairy enterprises.

"Unless a grip is taken, we are in for a number of serious costs that could be avoided if action is taken now. We need clean agriculture. It is the way consumers are moving and the way we would like farmers to move with us."

Dr Bond said the NRA had been against the removal of government grants to aid anti-pollution measures. "Farmers need all the help they can get," he said.