14 March 1996

FW campaigns to cut cant out of Euro-beef…

AN END to the hypocrisy surrounding Europes beef industry is needed urgently.

FW is hoping its Safe Food for Europe campaign, launched this week, with support from MPs, can help to achieve that.

It is a two-pronged campaign to safeguard animal and human health across Europe. And to achieve those aims FW is calling for the introduction of EU rules, already in place in the UK, which would:

&#8226 Ban all specified bovine material from the human food chain.

&#8226 Ban the inclusion of mammalian meat and bone in feed for all farm animals.

Arguments from member states that they dont have BSE so there is no need for controls just dont hold water. An EU Commission report, released this week, recognises that BSE may occur in any member state, irrespective of disease history.

It also found evidence that some member states are failing to even look for BSE in cattle showing signs of illness affecting the central nervous system. Yet the UK continues to import beef from those member states, in ever increasing amounts.

FW will take its campaign to MPs and Euro-MPs. And the message will go to Brussels next week, both to European farm ministers as they meet for their monthly council, and to commission officials.

FW also aims to make sure that anyone in this country buying beef from abroad, whether they are retailers, caterers, meat processors or burger chains is aware of the need for EU-wide rules to protect their customers.

Your support is critical to achieving these aims. Fill in the petition and send it to FW. Take it to livestock markets or elsewhere to gather signatures. And make your views known to your local MP, and other local suppliers of beef.