18 August 1995

Gate opener has radio control

DIGITAL keypads, card readers or portable radio transmitters are the controller options for an automatic gate opening/closing device.

BPT Automations Combi 740 is designed for use on residential and business sites and is an upgraded version of a previous model. Easier maintenance is the main change, with the underground pump and jack units now capable of being separated for routine servicing. Other changes include replacing an Allen screw oil filler cap with a thumbscrew cap and it is also now possible to bleed the jack from both ends.

Like other models in the BPT range, the Combi 740 is avail- able with either 110í or 175í angle of rotation and can be supplied with a braking system which slows down movement during the final 5í of the opening/closing cycle.

Price of the Combi 740 starts at £466 (01442-235355).