22 March 1996

Genetics top for progress

THE UK has achieved the highest rate of genetic progress of all major Holstein countries over the last five years. Interbull evaluations have enabled the Animal Data Centre to compare the UK genetic trend with that in other countries.

The comparison shows the UK bull population is catching up fast with other Holstein populations.

The rate of genetic progress in the UK AI bull population is now between 3 to 3.5% a year, compared with 2% in Holland, 1.5% in France and 0.5% in the US.

Over the last five years, the average PTA for bulls tested in the UK has improved by nearly £11 PIN a year, based on increases in average predicted transmitting abilities of 107kg milk, 3.3kg fat and 3kg protein. As a result average PTAs of bulls tested in the UK in 1990 are level with German and Canadian tested bulls. The leading Holstein populations are the US, Holland, France and Italy. &#42