17 January 1996

Genus expands synchronised beef interests

GENUS is to expand its involvement with synchronised beef breeding by establishing three new demonstration units in the UK during 1997.

Genus head of marketing, John Berry, says interest in AI and synchronised breeding of beef cows is gaining momentum in the UK.

"This increasing interest will be better served by expanding the 100-cow synchronised breeding suckler herd currently based at Warren Farm, Berkshire," he says.

Warren Farm has been used for two years to demonstrate to beef producers the benefits of using AI and high genetic merit bulls.

"And now with a growing understanding of how better genetics can improve margins, particularly for suckler producers who have traditionally relied on natural service regimes, there is a real need to expand the herd," says Mr Berry.

"However, Warren Farm neither has the capacity nor the location to best serve the beef producer and its involvement will be scaled down over a three-year period and the new sites established in stronger beef producing areas." &#42