16 June 1995

Genus stud recruits

LATEST recruits to the Genus dairy stud are four Dutch bulls including the first sons of Ugela Bell and Southwind, whose proofs appeared in the April sire figures from Holland.

Ugela Bell son Ultimo is out of a Secret dam and is BLAD-free. His overall Dutch-type score is 109 and he offers an extreme fat:protein ratio. His UK conversion at 75% reliability shows 690kg milk, 17kg (-0.16%) fat, 25kg (+0.03%) protein, with £89 PIN and £98 ITEM. But with a calving ease score at 4 he is not recommended for use on heifers. Ultimo will be sold at £25 a dose.

The Southwind recruit Navajo, out of a Chairman dam, is easy calving. His UK conversion at 74% reliability shows 875kg milk, 24kg (-0.16%) fat, 26kg (-0.04%) protein, £91 PIN and £98 ITEM. He has a Dutch-type score of 105 and is priced at £20 a dose.

Leesburg is said to be one of the highest production Blackstar sons to return a full progeny test proof worldwide. Out of a Rotate cow his UK conversion at 77% reliability is 838kg milk, 29kg (-0.06%) fat, 24kg (-0.04%) protein, £90 PIN and £97 ITEM. His Dutch-type score is 109. Priced at £20 a dose.

Fourth recruit is Bell Troy son Woudhoeve 797, who boasts 575kg milk, 28kg (+0.07%) fat, 25kg (+0.09%) protein, £100 PIN and £102 ITEM. Cost £17.50 a dose. &#42