16 June 1995

German drill

FERRAG is back in the 10m+ trailed drill market after the signing of a marketing agreement between the two German companies Accord and Horsch.

The deal involves Accord taking on the distribution rights for the Horsch PD12 trailed drill design, with Horsch continuing to supply chassis and hopper components. The drill will be liveried in Accord colours and badged DG12.

Accord importer, Ferrag, will import the DG range to the UK, where it will be available in 6, 8, 9 and 12m (20, 26, 29.5 and 39ft) working widths. Hopper capacity is 3200 litres.

In the mid-1980s Ferrag brought in the original PD drill before Horsch took on its own importer, Horsch UK.

Big drills sold

"We sold about 25 big Horsch PD drills in the mid-80s to farmers in Essex and Cambridgeshire. Then the market for big drills collapsed," says George Randles, Ferrags managing director.

This latest move is largely in response to a growing demand in eastern Europe for high output, minimal cultivation drills. For that reason the 3200-litre capacity DG drills will be offered with Accords self-cleaning CX-disc coulter.

Prices in the UK for the 6m and 12m versions start at £23,765 and £45,598, respectively.