26 January 1996

Germans join forces to develop sprayer range

RAU demount sprayers for the JCB Fastrac and Fendt Xylon are now available from St Helens-based Ferrag. Offering capacities of 2000 litres, boom options include the full Rau line-up – widths from 12m to 24m in conventional or air-assist format.

Development of the new sprayer involved seeking approval not only from JCB regarding such matters as weight distribution but also from the German Biological Institute to ensure the design met with the countrys tank mixing, residues and cleaning standards.

The Fendt story, however, is a different one with German sprayer manufacturers reducing costs by joining forces to develop a 2000-litre tank for the Xylon. Individual manufacturers can now use their own spraying equipment with the new tank.

Fendt, for its part, has produced a sub-frame with a hydraulic tilt ram making it suitable both for sprayer attachment and for bulk tanks used for filling drills and fertiliser spreaders.

Prices for the JCB Fastrac version range from £20,304 for an 18m model to £23,504 for a 24m. Fendt Xylon demounts cost £19,231 for the 18m and £22,431 for the 24m.

2000-litre capacity and a choice of booms for the Rau demount fitted to the Fendt Zylon. The tank is the result of a joint development by German sprayer manufacturers.