9 February 1996


GLOUCESTER FWC new years lunch was held at the Apple Tree, Minsterworth. Eileen Hyett and Mary Humphreys, the outgoing contact leaders were presented with gifts for all their hard work by their successor Phyllis Charter who is to be helped by Sue Baber and Ann Littleton.

This club was originally started by Sue Pullen when her four sons were barely school age, and she was helped by Mary Chandler. Nowadays it is difficult to get young mothers to come along at all but Im working on it.

It is always good to have members from all decades as each group has something to offer the others. The younger ones their energy and willingness to give lifts to the not-so-young who in their turn offer wisdom and experience and even, as in Joan Gardners case, the ability to recite poetry about their beloved county:

In Gloucester the hills arent high,/They dont shut out the earth from the sky,/But they feed the Severn, Thames and the Wye/Which no other hills can do, she quoted. Jean Howells

Phyllis Carter (standing) is the new contact leader of Gloucester FWC. The group met for lunch and to present gifts to the outgoing leaders.