25 August 1995

Give your nose a rest from slurry pong

ENZYMES that work directly on the source of odour-producing chemicals are the key to a new pig slurry digester.

Manufacturer of the digester, Epizym Biosystems claims that the product digests and liquifies all forms of organic pig waste and solids in pens, slurry channels and holding tanks. It is said to be harmless to human, animal, plant and aquatic life.

The digester is said to differ from many odour-suppressing products because it changes the molecular structure of odour-causing chemicals in slurry.

After an initial purge of slurry systems maintenance dosing with the product is necessary at six-week intervals.

Epizym-Pigs is supplied in powder form in 1lb containers at a cost of £20 each. Annual costs are estimated to be 50p a pig (01293-531960).