21 April 1995

Giving supermarts the beef they want

By Michael Gaisford

OVER 60% of fresh meat sales now take place in supermarkets, so producing for their required specifications is the name of the game.

Several integrated operations involving producers, processers and supermarkets have been established in recent years, and are still growing.

One of the biggest, with 500 beef producer members, is the chain through Anglo Beef Processors (ABP), Ellesmere, Hordley, Shropshire, which supplies Sainsburys with its beef.

This large "Partnership in Livestock Producer Group", established with the help of a Ministry marketing development grant, claims to be unique, with directors from supplying farms, ABP and Sainsburys.

It is still open for membership from progressive beef producers, and on Saturday, Apr 29 is holding a special open day at the processing plant to help encourage both existing and potential members of the group to produce more of precisely what todays supermarket beef counter requires.

At least 600 beef producers are expected at the event, Beef 2000 – Requirements to the Millenium, including members of the Traditional Beef Group, producing a top of the market product for Sainsburys.

In particular the day will emphasis the following messages:

&#8226 To stay in business tomorrow, be responsive to the changing UK market.

&#8226 Recognise the importance of specifications.

&#8226 Accept the need for Farm Assurance.

&#8226 Understand the particular needs of export markets.

&#8226 Use kill data for better management back at the farm.

For further details about the open day and invitations, contact ABP Ellesmere (01939-270333).