15 December 1995

pays dividends

Grading decision

THE decision to have all accommodation offered by Farm Holiday Bureau members graded by a national tourist board is paying off.

It has encouraged the British Tourist Authority to abandon its international guide to farm holiday accommodation and, from 1997, use the FHBs own international guide in its place, chief executive Berni Thompson told delegates at the annual meeting.

The BTA is continuing to sponsor a leaflet promoting FHB and Host and Guest Services which provides a central reservations service. Carol Rutter and Ron Cook of Host and Guest Services reported strong interest from Europe in British farm holidays and a growing one in Scandinavian countries and Russia. They are now looking to expand the market in the USA and Canada and recently took a stand at the World Travel Market in London where, they said, they were overwhelmed with interest.

Host and Guest Services is taking a page on the Internet which will benefit FHB members, and the bureau itself is investigating ways in which it might take advantage of new technology and the Internet on its own account.