8 September 1995

Grain outputs £900/ha plus

WHEAT outputs of £900/ha (£364/acre) before area aid subsidies are widespread this season, thanks to good yields, high Hagbergs and protein levels higher than moisture contents.

That is the picture painted by David Bolton of farm business consultants Andersons in Suffolk. But "profitability undreamt of three years ago" needs handling carefully, he warns. "Buying land at todays inflated prices will produce problems tomorrow."

His harvest analysis uses results from clients throughout the UK. Comments include frost damage in south-eastern Soissons, which delayed maturity and dropped yield. In the south-west rape was harvested as dry as 3% moisture.

Although bean yields have disappointed higher export prices, up to £120/t, have compensated, he says. Scottish barleys have yielded well with good quality and are selling for £160/t, he adds.

Most cereals may look good for lengthy storage but he urges growers to monitor markets in the light of a firming £. With no more restitution granted until mid-October prices could fall, he warns. &#42