1 December 1995

Grassland range wider

KVERNELANDS line-up of grassland machinery has been increased following the introduction of two new rotor rakes: The TA 753C which creates a single swath between its rotors, and the side delivery TA 753S which rakes the material to the side to create either one or two swaths.

Working width of the TA 753C is between 6.9m and 7.5m (22.6ft-24.6ft) while the TA 753S can take in 13.2m (43.3ft) of cut grass. Both rakes are equipped with steerable tandem wheels controlled by the tractors lower linkage arms.

Headland turns with the TA 753S are made when the two rotors are raised hydraulically, an action which draws the rake into line with the tractor; the working position is resumed once the rotors are lowered again. Prices are £10,550 and £15,350 respectively.