15 November 1996

Gross margin contest

Main aim of the Wheat Challenge is to pinpoint the grower with the highest verified yield. But the competition includes a gross margin contest to find the financially most rewarding crop.

  Mr Rennie nearly won that also. But despite omitted inputs his variable costs were higher than those of the winner, Andrew Needham of Lincs-based &#42 E Tinsley, who beat him at the post by just £3/ha (£1.20/acre).

GrowerVarietyYieldPriceVar costs Gross margin



&#42 E TinsleyBeaufort12.921012611045

(Andrew Needham)


Stenton Farming Consort/13.181012921042

(Gordon Rennie)Riband mix

Frinton FarmsRialto11.03109322881

(Roger Frere)

G &#42 ChennelsConsort11.14101260866

(Michael Chennells)

NB. For all farms fixed costs and area aid excluded.